Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Week So Far.

Watched Gregory and Sam. Spent 25 minutes lighting and relighting a candle for them to take turns blowing out. This game would have gone on longer except for the fact that the boys spit when they blow and the candle became to wet to relight.
Spent an entire afternoon cleaning up spit and drool.
Had sushi with Rebecca.
Had a call from Jessica, who is in Philadelphia, just to rub in the fact she was at Trader Joes and I wasn't.
Spent 2 hours walking with Rebecca. This would be great for weight loss had I not eaten a bag of potato chips and Fritos.....and lots of choclate.
Visited with Gina and Lisa who were playing hookey at my house instead of going to bible study. We went to Goodwill also.
Still haven't gone to the grocery store. We really don't need that carb loaded bread, do we?
Convinced Brewier we should have Carrabbas tonight so I can put off grocery shopping for another day.
Are you asleep yet?

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