Saturday, January 14, 2006

Its a Blustery Day.

It started at 2am with my neighbors wooden fence door banging relentlessly in the 20mph winds. It never seems to bother anyone else but I've made the nightime trek to close the gate several times before. A cold front was moving through but when I went out the temperature was still in the mid 60's, there was a full moon, illuminating the neighborhood as if it were morning, and the wind while fierce, was exciting and invigorating. I wanted to wake up Brewier, so we could go for a walk but not everyone appreciates the weather like I do, so I roamed our yard for a while then went in and opened a bunch of windows to allow the breeze to blow the humidity out of our house. I made a cup of tea, and Ella kitty and I sat by the open window, wind in our faces. I think she was enjoying the weather as much as I was.

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