Friday, December 09, 2005

So this week has been filled with all kinds of business, but I don't feel like I've accomplished a whole lot. I've gone out shopping several times,(buying myself 2 cocktail dresses, lingerie, tea, and the perfect color of lipstick,) but have yet to do my Christmas shopping. Yesterday Sarah came over for a visit, without the kids! John said he would keep them, so we went out to lunch and shopping, ordered pizza for dinner and ate it while watching old episodes of Greys Anatomy. Sarah spent the night and we spent most of the day sitting around drinking tea and looking at magazines. After lunch we did go to Rebeccas, where we finally tempered chocolate and made several kinds of candy. I feel sick from all the sampling I did. Right now Breweir is out at an audition....I told him to bring home something yummy for dinner. I hope he doesn't think I was joking.

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