Wednesday, December 14, 2005

House Calls.

Did you know some Dr.s still make house calls? The only chiropractor in the state of Fl who makes them came to my house today. He normally doesn't come to my area but made an exception when I told him about my MCS. I thought I'd just need a couple of adjustments, but apparently my multiple car accidents, gymnastic endeavors and treating my body like its unbreakable has left me with alot of scar tissue in my muscles. Who knew.
Brewier had a call back for a SAG film this afternoon. It was between him, a local actor he knows and the actor who does the Citibank identity theft protection commercial, (the one where the guy is sitting in an easy chair with his beer, and his voice is of a girl talking about buying a leather bustier,) The local guy got the part. I think Brewier was to handsome, hes not your typical 54 year old.

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