Monday, October 24, 2005

Wilma is Here.

Rain, rain, rain. Wind, wind, wind. Tornados.
Its a good day to make an apple pie. Rainy weather always makes me want to be in the kitchen cooking and baking, and doing all things homemakerish. Despite the fact all the theme parks are closed, as well as all the schools, goverment offices and services, as well as buisness's, and the news is warning people to stay off the treacherous roads, Brewier drove over to work today. He did call to say he made it ok, though the bridge he normally takes over to the island was closed.
The good news is a cold front is going to move through tonight, bringing us near record lows.....cold weather makes me want to drink coffee, and have a breakfast of bacon eggs and waffles. Can you tell I am a food oriented person?
So here is a picture of Wilma hitting my front yard.

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