Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Shining.

The first, (and only,) time I read The Shining, I was sixteen. Our family had just moved to a really remote area of KY. My mom was in the hospital and my dad was in Canada. I was home alone with my 3 younger brothers. In February. During a bliizzard. I kid you not. It scarred me for life but didn't stop me from reading more Steven King. A few months later I read some of his short stories. The one that really got to me was about a guy who comes home from work and finds a package at his door. He opens it and finds toy soilders. He sets them up, but then bad things start to happen, like the soldiers coming to life and shooting him to death. Sounds stupid, I know, but if you've ever read any of his stuff, you know how real it seems. It wasn't long after reading that story, I came home from school and my mom told me I got a package in the mail. Excitedly I ripped it open to reveal...toy soldiers .I screamed and threw them down, That night at dinner I grilled my family trying to figure out who did this to me. I had told so many people about the could have been anyone of my friends. It wasn't untill a couple of months later I learned that my then 11 year old brother Roger, (the same one who sent me the clown pic,) had saved up his allownce and sent it to a mail order company, to pull this prank on me. All this just to say, check out this Shining link, (from Allisons blog.)

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