Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random Fact Wednesday.

I dream alot. Actual dreaming, not just daydreaming. My dreams are always vivid, and usually kind of intense, not the fun dreams I hear so much about, so I guess they are closer to being nightmares...but thats the way its always been. I often wake up after my dream and have a breif recollection of what it was about.. Last night one of my dreams was that my life really wasn't what I thought it was, kind of like the Truman show only I lived in the real world. All the people around me; friends family, even Brewier were spies, sort of, hired to keep an eye on me at all times. The mirrors in my house were place where they are so that I was always visable, even from outside. There were hidden cameras everywhere even in my closet, ( my sanctuary where I read when I was growing up.) When I realized I was always being watched, I was told that it had been that way my whole life, and now that I knew, everyone' "guarding" me could be themselves and stop acting the part of who I thought they were, and I could be openly policed. So all the people I thought I knew were really strangers, and I had know idea why I was being lied to and watched. Then I wake up thinking, " Hmmm, that was interesting." So, what does it mean?

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