Monday, October 10, 2005

I Better Post This Quick!

Our internet has been giving us problems for almost a week, moving really slow and then yesterday it just kept dropping the connection, (this is Brighthouse, a cable connection.) Today a service tech is supposed to come take a look at it. Hopefully he will actually be able to correct the problem, unlike the last time we had a problem. I sat at home all day waiting. The tech came in looked at the problem I had described on the phone, told me, "Yeah, its not working right, I'll have to schedule someone to come out and fix it."
Saturday evening we were sitting around, when we heard this strange gurgle come from my bathroom. Brewier went to check it out and saw that the sewer was backing up into my shower, Ewwww! Megan and I went to cower on the other side of the house. All things icky are Brewiers domain. We ended up having to call a plumber in yesterday and he was able to clear it with a snake. It ended up being a clog in the kitchen causing the problem.
We did escape the suckiness of the weekend for a short time, having a nice picnic lunch at Kraft Park.

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