Thursday, October 06, 2005


I don't always think to look at my older posts and check the comments. I'm amazed that people other than my family read this blog, ( I saw online, a link to the worlds most boring blog and really did expect it to be wasn't,) and if someone comments, I'm like, "Cool! Megan, look someone commented on my blog!" Imagine my surprise today when I was checking last weeks underwear post and saw there were a couple of new comments for it. I expected it to be my mother, confessing to the fact, she is the one we inherited the underwearless gene from. Instead I found a comment from Kevin, who was my brothers best friend in high school. He and my brother did a comic book in highschool, then Kevin went on to make a career of it. He is now in the film industry, ( Roger told me he did the exploding crown in Miss Congeniality,) and did a movie for the Sci-Fi channel, that has now been released on dvd. pretty cool, huh?

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