Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cold Front.

Its 50 degrees out! Do you realise in FL that is the equavalent to being 30 degrees everywhere else.. The morning news is showing people out and about wearing winter coats and parkas......with their shorts and sandals.
Last night I pulled out my duvet from storage. I bought it because it was all down, hypoallergenic and is supposed to be one of the warmest. Saddly, it is too warm. Even on the coldest of nights, with my windows open, I will wake up drenched in sweat. But I still love its fluffiness and continue to try and use it.
Keith brought Megan back from Tampa last night. While there he colored her hair back to brown. Not an easy thing covering up that magenta. He first put color on it, but Meg said it looked like grape jelly. So he stripped all the color out leaving her with cotton candy colored hair, then put on hair color again. This time it turned out a really pretty brown, but all the chemicals caused some of her hair to fall out :( Renee cut it last night though and its looking very cute. Its such a shock to see her with brown hair!

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