Monday, October 31, 2005

About Me.

So Megan says I should post stuff about me. I'm thinking, like what? Because of my MCS I have no social life, I can't go to movies, out to eat, concerts, church or do much else. I'm not even having parties or entertaining like I used to. I told Brewier yesterday I think I'm becoming depressed. He looked at me like, "Duh.." So now you know why I blog about you, Megan.
This weekend Brewier took our front doors down to sand and stain them. I will interject here, that Brewier dislikes loathes working on projects around the house. He'd much rather sit and develop spread sheets. Anyway, long story short, our doors are oak which apparently doesn't accept stain, so now they are a brown gooey mess, and we have lived without any front doors for 2 days. I tack a sheet up at night and hope it looks like doors. Yeah, right.

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