Sunday, September 11, 2005


I'm reading the cookbook, Vegan Planet, and thought I would try one of the recipes, to serve with dinner, (kim and Roger were coming over.)
I made the very first recipe in the book, "Ginger Scented Potstickers," sounds good, right? I was wary when the recipe called for 9 tablespoons of freshly minced ginger, (we're talking 24 potstickers here,) but I like ginger and I was going to follow the recipe since this was my first attempt making it. Well they weren't "ginger scented." They were, "ginger oh my goodness my mouth is on fire and a hole is burning through my stomach," potstickers. I ate 3 just to make sure it wasn't just a bad dumpling .
I thought maybe a peanut dipping sauce would help, and there was one in the book. I made it, and it actually made the situation worse. It was so salty! Bleh. Everything Darlene has made out of the book has turned out.....I think I'm going to send the potstickers and peanut sauce to church so she can take them home and try them.

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