Friday, September 23, 2005

What is This????

This morning I was plucking my eyebrows using this big mirror I have that magnifies things by a bajillion times. As I finished up my eyebrows I glanced at the rest of my face and my heart just about stopped. There on my chin was a long black hair. Oh the horror......but wait, no it was just an eyebrow hair that had fallen...whew.
I have been enjoying having the house to myself, though I'm sure it will be nice to have crabby girl Megan back. Yesterday I did get my cookies made, and bought some organic apples at whole foods, that desperately want to be made into a pie. Today Sarah and I plan to do some shopping. I want to find a fall purse. As much as I love my license plate handbag, I need a break from it ...its really heavy and is putting dents in my car.And here is a picture of some flowers I bought for myself from Brewier. I love red and looking at these make me happy.

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