Monday, September 26, 2005

Party, Party, Party.

Saturday Brewier and I drove over to Tampa for Rays surprise, 30th birthday party. In a matter of 2 hours time Jessica decorated, and made food for the 25 guests that attended. Amazing. She had been buying supplies and party food for the past month or so stashing them in her craft closet. Little did she know Ray would find her abundance of candy, chips and other goodies, leading him to ask her, "Honey, is this your fat closet? Are you hiding food from me?"
Brewier and I stayed the night and in the morning Jess and I went out for coffee, which then lead to an inpromptu shopping trip.
We both bought a new pair of shoes, (my third pair this week,)......why do new shoes make us so happy?
Megan is still at Keiths, saying she will take the train home some day this week.

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Ray and Jessica

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Ray's peanutbutter birthday bars.

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Yes, my girls can dance.

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