Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Weekend, Cliff Note Style.

5pm Thursday evening I decide to have a garage sale on Saturday.

5:30pm Megan is invited to ride to Tampa with Keith and Jose...I get the bright idea to have them pick up Jessica so she can go through all my junk before I sell it.

2am Friday, Jessica arrives with a van load of her own stuff to sell. Poor Jose unloads it all.

7am Friday, Brewier calls several miles from home saying his car is dead. I go and get him and he takes my car to work. I am stranded for the day, but spend the time gathering, pricing and setting up for the garage sale.
Jessica and Megan are very thankful for the Tombstone pizza I had in the freezer....because thats all there was to eat.

12am Saturday, fall into bed exhausted yet unable to sleep very well.

6:30am, Started getting ready for the garage sale. Sale lasts until 1pm. The rest of the day is spent cleaning up after the sale and hauling the unsold stuff to Goodwill.

6pm Saturday, Jess Meg and I go to Park ave and get a coffee. We find a salon/day spa still open and I go in to be waxed. Feel no pain because before the coffee I had 2 glasses of wine.
When we get home Jessica shows me Sudoku. I am intrigued but too tired to try it.
11:30pm I go to bed.

6:30am Sunday. get up to take Jessica to Lakeland where Ray is meeting us. Our car trunk is packed full of my garage sale stuff, Jessica is taking home from the garage sale.
most of the day is spent resting and recovering. I try Saduko and am hooked. I have spent 3 hours today playing it. (Jess, I can do the hard level in 10:28!) I just know I am going to be seeing numbers in my sleep tonight.

Am now watching the very poorly written Emmys. Jennifer Love Hewiitt still thinks she is Audrey Hepburn. Ellen isn't funny and I feel like I am watching a highschool production. Maybe I 'll play more Sudoku.

9:30pm. Cool! Brewiers commercial just ran during the Emmys.

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