Friday, September 02, 2005

Its Like A Car Wreck.

You know its bad but you keep looking. We've been watching the news alot, for coverage on the after math of Katrina. The first two days I'd watch and cry, now I'm kind of numb. I haven't gone anywhere, trying to conserve the 1/4 tank of gas my car has, since so many stations have no gas. It costs over $15 for Brewier to drive to and from work everyday. Who knows what it will be next week, or if gas will be available.
Sarah and Ethan were over visiting yesterday which was a nice distraction. Usually we sit and talk, or watch a chick flick and drink coffee, just relaxing. Before we had a chance to do any of that, I took Sarah back to my room to show her a new jacket I had bought. She liked the jacket, but was distracted by the state of my walk-in closet, and excitedly said, "Lets take everything out of your closet, and reorganize it!" So after pulling out half the stuff, this is what my bedroom looked like.

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I own very few clothes, and what my closet is used for is mostly storage, Storage of a box of vintage fur colars, a dozen vintage purses, vintage gloves, 5 boxes of vintage jewelry, vintage clothes and 4 big rubbermaid bins of photos. Yes, I love vintage. (In the garage I have vintage china and all kinds of vintage linens..... although now that I think about it, this stuff was vintage when I was buying it 25 years ago, so its almost antique.) So now I have a walk in closet you can walk into, but the corner of my dining room now contains half the stuff that used to be in my closet. I see a BIG garage sale in my future.

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