Saturday, September 10, 2005

The All Seeing Sunglasses.

My friend Vickie drives a school bus, yes, she is a very brave woman. Because this is Florida and is blindingly sunny most all the time, she wheres sunglasses. This week though, we had a couple overcast days so sunglasses were not needed. She told me that as she picked up the elementary aged kids, they would take one look at her and go," She doesn't have her glasses on, we can do what we want cuz she can't see us," and the kids were rowdier than normal.At first Vickie thought it was because they were younger kids they thought that, but when she did her run of the older kids, the same thing happened. We are still trying to figure out the maagic of the sunglasses. Is it because they can't see her eyes and where she is looking? I don't know, but Vickie is looking for lighter tinted sunglasses that she can wear on cloudy days.

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