Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No, I'm Not Moving.

Though after viewing all of Tinas pictures, I think I could be very happy living in Hawaii. My mother called me shortly after posting just to make sure I wasn't leaving the state. After all she and Dick are building a new house so we can live closer to each other, ( Mom, I think you would like Hawaii too.)
This morning Brett and I went and had coffee at Starbucks, then I drove him to Baldwin Park, formerly the Orlando Navel Training Center; just to prove to him that Stepford does exsist. Then we drove over to the beach and had lunch with Brewier. Brett stayed at work with Brewier while Meg and I drove home stopping to visit with Sarah ...yes I drank coffee with her too.
Ellie came home from school. excited to show us all her new hair accessories, demonstrating them on Megan.

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