Friday, August 26, 2005

FunWith the Boys.

After returning books to the library yesterday, I stopped to visit to a bleary eyed Greg, (he had just arrived home from a trip at 3am,) Sam and Gregory. I played "pirate" with the boys while Greg went out to get us Chinese for lunch. As we were sitting down to eat Greg asked Sam what Chinese people ate. "Cats and Dogs." said Sam. It seems Gauk has been telling Sam some bedtime stories lately.The two of them will look at books together and Gauk will point to different animals and say, "Yep, eat those too, they tase good." He also informed Sam that he used to be a "Chinese bubba pirate."
After eatting Gregory went down for a nap and I told Greg I would take Sam home with me, so Greg put the car seat in my little Miata and off we went. Sam, who is used to riding in station wagons and pick ups, was a bit wide eyed in my car, telling me I was going too fast, (25mph.) After a while he got used to the ride and when we'd go around a corner or a turn in the road, his hands would shoot in the air and he would lean into the turn saying, "Its a roller coaster!" FYI, I never exceeded 35mph, but because it was raining really hard there was a certain thrill/danger factor added. We spent the afternoon playing with Legos, building pirate ships, castles, and rockets. Three year olds can be alot of fun.

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Greg and Sam.

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Gregory loves looking at the reflection of himself in my purse.

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