Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tricia is....

From Jessica

Here are the directions:
Type “(your name) is” into Google, and then post your ten (or however many) favorite results.
Here are mine:

1.Tricia is very focused and has a lot of energy, which will serve us

2.Tricia is a pimp

3.Tricia is the most remarkable women

4.Tricia is loved up and raring to start making babies with him

5.Tricia is currently teaching Birthing From Within

6.Tricia is as feisty and as brave as any girl can be

7.Tricia is the real deal, and a trip with her is not just a trip

8.Tricia is enamoured with her parents and has. always wanted to be like her mom,

9.Tricia is trapped underneath the rubble and lies motionless,

10.Tricia is in her room exhausted and recovering

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