Friday, July 22, 2005

Observsations For the Week.

I was visiting my neighbor across the street, and she said to me, "You bought a new mirror." Surprised I answered, "Yeah, how did you know?" "Come to my living room," she said. I stood in the middle of her living room looking out her picture window, into our picture window across the street. I could see my self in the mirror from her home! As soon as photobucket is back up, I'll have to post a picture.

When you're a three year old boy, its all about trying to see girls naked. Well, anyway thats when it starts. we all know it never ends. Sam and I were joking around and he says, 'You're a boy!" I replied, "No you're a boy, I'm a girl." He says, "No you're a boy!" I said,"No you are a boy." This went on a few more times, when I finally said to him, "Boys have a penis. I don't have a penis." "Show me," he said with a smile. "I'm not showing you!" I told him. "Megan is a boy." He quipped. Yep, its all about seeing the girls naked. That same day he asked me if I was a mermaid. I said yes I was. "Mermaids are naked." was his reply to that.

Its very hard to hear my cell phone when it is in my license plate purse.

Buying books on Amazon is dangerously easy.

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