Thursday, July 28, 2005

I Caved. Again.

Sarah is my coffee drinking buddy, so when I go to her house, (which smells like a Starbucks,) I always have coffee. I thought I could be strong. I hadn't used in two months. But visiting her yesterday in my PMS state, I gave in. One Two, (really big) cups couldn't hurt, right? It was all downhill from there. Today I am recovering from food allergy hangover, because once you're bad, you need to be really bad. Thats where the peanut butter cups, pizza and cosmos came in. No, I will never learn.
This is Sarahs kitchen. When she put this kitchen in, I was so excited because it was everything I had picked out for when we redo ours. I still love it. I love her whole house. Its a 1940's, 800 sq foot house that feels like a downtown urban apartment.

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