Sunday, June 19, 2005


Books. I love books. How did Julie know?

Total books owned: I have been working on thinning out my book collection this past year. I don't really need homeschooling books anymore, but there are some I just cant part with. I'm guessing I'm down to 250-300 books with almosta third of those being cookbooks.

Last book I bought:I'm buying "Our Hearts were Young and Gay," on Amazon this afternoon.

Last book read:Prep,
by Curtis Sittenfeld. Better than I thought it would be.

Five books that mean alot to me: The Whole Hearted Child,my favorite homeschooling book. The Anne of Green Gables series. The Time Travellers Wife... a good story and so different from anything I'd read before. The Materia Medica, for all my homeopathic needs. The Southern Living Cookbook. There is no bad recipee.
I was going to include the Bible in my list, but that's my owners manual and shouldn't count.

Now I tag Vickie, Russ, Keith and Allison.

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