Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kind of Like Smell-a-vision.

So you know I have colorful vivid dreams, but have I mentioned they can also be aromatic? I'm awake right now because of the fragrance of sage. Now, the only sage in my house is bottled up tightly in the spice cabinet, but it smelled like I was laying in my herb garden when I woke up, and for 5-10 seconds after waking. It really made me want to eat the turkey and stuffing my Dad would make at Thanksgiving.
A few nights ago, the smell of strong perfume awoke me ...I thought I was going to gag. There is no perfume or fragranced products in my house, so that one was really weird. The odor that wakes me most often though is smoke, like something in the house is on fire. Yeah, that one can really freak me out, because I do continue to smell it for a short while after waking. and once when I was a kid I woke up to the smell of smoke and our house really was on fire. So, does this happen to anyone else? (Keith, you come to does it?)

And in case there was any doubt:

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