Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Resting Makes Me Tired.

I'm not good at being still, but between my knee and this cold I haven't been able to do much. I have read books and magazines, watched movies, read blogs and tried to figure out what the heck to eat while on this allergy diet. I have never been so uninspired or tired in my life. I should be making bracelets or collages or something, but with all this resting I think the blood has stopped flowing to my brain. This morning I called my doctor with a question and I left my phone number so they could call me back. Only after hanging up I realized I was one digit off on one of the numbers. I've only had this number 18 years. No, I did not call back and correct my mistake. I just can't.

P.S. The doctors office just called. Fortunately their brains are working.
Megan has me in tears, doing an imitation of me on the phone this morning. I'd describe it, but you really have to see. it.

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