Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rain, Rain, Rain.

If the wind were stronger it would seem like a hurricane. This is not wimpy rain, it is torrential, not letting up thunder and lightning, lasting all day rain. I am sitting snuggled in my bed with the news on; most of which consists of all the wrecks that are happening. Other news items of intrest:

Its gator mating season, watch out for gators roaming the neighborhood. Yes, this really happens.

It is also snake mating season...need I say more?

A mother is confused as to why police contacted her after discovering she hired a stripper, who performed for 4 hours at her sons 16th birthday party. She saw nothing wrong with what she did..there were boys as young as 14 there.

There are plans in the works to have A gay only resort, a gay only housing development, and a gay only retirement community. Why is this not considered disciminatory?

Two local boys beat a homeless man to death because they were bored.

I don't think I want to watch any more news.

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