Sunday, May 08, 2005

I Made My Mother Blush.

I gave her the first season of Magnum PI on dvd. My mom, (and I,) have a thing for Tom Selleck and as she unwrapped her present and Toms face was revealed, she turned pink. It was great.
Greg made us a fabulous mothers day dinner, he is such an amazing cook. Alot of people go on his tours for his cooking. I think he needs to write a book. The best part of my visit to Greg's was being greeted by Sammy yelling, "Aunt Tricia's here! Aunt Tricia's here!." My heart was melted.
Jessica has been here for the weekend....the time goes by too fast during her visits; and we've been working on our secret project that has nothing to do with her being pregnant, because she's not. Sorry Dar.
And now for your viewing pleasure:

Image hosted by
Katie, Jessica, Heather and Megan, taken at Heathers shower yesterday. Megan has titled this photo,
"Gigantor and the Wee Ones."

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