Friday, May 20, 2005

I Didn't Realize How Bad I Was Feeling.

I started my food allergy rotation diet a week ago and can't get over how much better I feel...I've also lost 3 pounds, an added bonus. All this healthy eating has made Whole Foods a daily destination, ( I found out people drive 3 and 4 hours just to shop here...I feel slightly smug in the fact I can walk to the store.) Whole Foods has this reputation of being the "cool" place to shop, so it's always busy and I often see people who look really familiar, but I just can't place. This happened yesterday. I ran in just for a couple minutes and couldn't help noticing the nearly 7 foot tall man talking on the phone. He looked kind of familiar, I knew I'd seeen his face before but I was clueless. Megan googled the Orlando Magic and found out it was Grant Hill. You can tell I'm a big sports fun. My brother had a similar incident years ago. He went into 7-11 for coffee and was standing next to a giant of a man. Greg ever the comedian looked at him and said, "You sure must have eatten alot of grits growing up." Shaq was not amused. Greg had no idea who Shaq was.

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