Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Surprise Spoiled.

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I have been lusting after this bracelet for at least a year. I go to the website, (so-charmed) regularly to visit the picture. I was there tonight and saw that another copy of the bracelet was for sale, (it had been one of a kind.) I said to Megan, who was sitting with me watching "What Not to Wear,"" I can buy this now! There's another copy available!!" "Don't." she replied. "But I really like it. I have the money and I want it." says me. "No. don't buy it." says Megan. "But.....," "I bought it for you 2 weeks ago for mothers day, " says Megan.
I feel sad that I spoiled the surprise, though I was very surprised. Meg says shes glad because now she doesn't have to keep the secret from me. Thank you Megan!!

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