Thursday, April 14, 2005


We joined Netflix last week....its wonderful. No more trips to smelly Blockbuster, where 80% of the films in stock are soft porn you've never heard of. Movies delivered to my house. Cool.
Meg and I watched Sam and Gregory today, the 2 sweetest kids in the world. Normally my days are very quiet. The phone rarely rings, nobody stops by to visit......kinda depressing, but I've gotten used to it. Today Mom came by for a vist, my neighbor stopped by to get oranges, Renee was here to cut my hair, Darlene called, Kim called and Roger called twice. All in a matter of a few hours. I rather enjoyed it. Sam benifited from all the activity in that, while I was distracted, he made his way into my closet and found his birthday present. Since his birthday is next month, we sang happy birthday to him and gave him his gift; a plastic tool bench and tools. He worked on buildig a house all day.

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