Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Thats Kentuckian for, "hi there." Yes it is truely a different way of life here. Some of it I like. People are still courteous drivers here and even stop for red lights. Many people wave when you pass them on the road. Things are really laid back.
They are still allowed to smoke in restraunts here, I don't like that.
Megan is really freaking people out with her hair. Most of them deal with it by totally avoiding/ignoring her. Again,its so much fun to watch the different reactions.
People here are freaking us out because they all look alike. It could be because they are all related to each other. No thats not a joke. There is a reason Brewier didn't marry a hometown girl. Its a very small town. When I was in highschool and we moved to Ky, the girl who became my best friend wasn't allowed to date anyone until she checked first with her Grandma to make sure they weren't too closely related.
Anyway, my foot is feeling a bit better and I should be able to walk the museum tomorrow.
We are meeting up with Brett in Florence at Dunkin Donuts, I can hardly wait for that cup of coffee.

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