Monday, March 14, 2005

The Unloved Fruit.

Grapefruit. They sell it in stores, you can buy the trees in nurseries, and lots of neighbors have the trees in their yards. But does anyone eat them? I do occasionally so when my neighbor asked if I wanted any grapefruit I said, "Sure," imagining the usual grocery bag full. What my neighbor brought over with a dolley was this:

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What am I going to do with 60+ pounds of grapefruit? Any takers? I all so have a valencia orange tree in my backyard that is loaded, so come on by.
While I am still on the subject of fruit, I saw the most disgusting thing in Sams. Apples with a coating of artifical grape flavor.
Just say, "No."
Last week while we were out at garage sales I came across this 1940's rattan chair and side table.....for $30! Score!!

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