Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lets Try This Again.

Mark is here painting today. A whole new color scheme. Saturday morning some of our neighbors were standing outside, looking quite sickly, due to the reflective glow of my pukey house. They were all gracious, saying how nice the new paint job was, but true happiness shown in their faces when I pulled out my new colors and told them it was being repainted. What I'm really excited about is being able to pull all the masking off my windows and see outside again. They have been covered for a week. Have I mentioned how important sunshine is to me? I live in Florida because it take something like 355 days of sunshine to grow an orange.....or a Tricia. The orange trees are all blossoming now, and while they make me sneeze something terrible, its worth it for the delicious fragrence that saturates the air.

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