Thursday, March 31, 2005

Any Second Now.....

Gregory and Sam will be here and I won't sit down again until dinner tonight.I am fortifying myself with Dunkin Donuts coffee. Gregory is the fastest crwler in the world.So fast that he crawled himself right off my bed Tuesday. He got a bump on his head and a swollen lip, and I have guilt....I let the baby get hurt.
Mom had her knee surgery yesterday, and I talked to her last night. She was doing well and relieved to have it over with.
So after watching American Idol this week, I'm pulling for Nadia. She has a real presence on stage, and star quality. I still like Anwar, but he seems limited. Constantine creeps me out. Does anyone else see the resemblence between he and Gary Sinese in Forrest Gump? Not that Gary Sinese is creepy, just that they look alike.

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