Monday, February 07, 2005

Garage Sale Find!

It matches nothing in my house, but I loved it and couldn't pass it by.

In other news this weekend, we are going to have to get new kitchen cabinets. The mold problem under the sink extends to the dry wall. Brewier had to cut out the bottom of the cabinet and a chunk of the dry wall to get rid of most of the mold. All this 1 hour before the super bowl was to start. David showed up to help Brewier remove the counter top and pull the dishwasher and cabinets out. I figured this was a good time to leave, and went to Renees to help her get the food ready for our little super bowl party. I don't think the guys missed to much of the game, and we had a nice evening. The half time show was the best I can ever remember seeing. Eva enjoyed it too, dancing the whole time. Today was spent cleaning up the mess from the kitchen fiasco, and hot glueing my cabinets together. Did I mention I started banging on them with a hammer last night, ready to do away with them?

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