Thursday, January 06, 2005

Directions For The Belt.

When I made the belt there weren't any directions at quidnunc's site but great pics that I used to fiqure out the process. We collected 200 tabs and ended up using 125-150 of them. I bought 5 yards of nylon cord and used all of it. It took 60-90 minutes to make.
First I found the center point of the cord and tied a knot about8 inches in.

I then threaded my first can tab on, I consider this the front.

I threaded on my second tab whick will be the back of the belt. I put rough edges facing in toward each other.

this is the back view

I then put on the second "front" tab crossing the cord to make an cross stitch

The back view of this step

Thread the second "bak" tab on

Come up through the holes on the front tab

Continue by doing the cross stitch on front

I hope this is helpful. Once you get the hang of it it goes quickly.....and is addictive. You've been warned.

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