Saturday, December 11, 2004

Warm Fuzzy.

Watching tv yesterday a commercial came on for Folgers coffee. The same one that was played at Christmas when I was a teenager. Its the one where the family is asleep and Peter comes home early in the morning and they all have coffee together. I remember liking the commercial, and how it made me feel when I was young, and I still feel the same way about it. I guess thats why it continues gets airtime.
I think we've finally trained Ella to poop in her litter box. She woulld pee in it, but would poop on the garage floor or in my potted plants. We tried different litter, covering the garage flooor with plastic, ( she pulled back the plastic, pooped then covered it up with the plastic.) Finally, Brewier suggested putting some dirt in her litter box. A measly handful of dirt was all it took and she now poops in her litter box. So along with litter, I now have to buy a bag of potting soil.

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