Saturday, December 04, 2004


Jessica has it. I think she shared it with Megan and I. We both have swollen feeling throats and just feel yucky and tired....... for a couple weeks now. Oh well, maybe its something else since we are still functioning as human beings.
We bought our Christmas tree today. Brewier was filming a movie, so Megan and I decorated it while watching all the Christmas shows and movies on tv. Megan also made delicious vegan sugar cookies, perfect with our tea. I tried drinking coffee again today and it tasted terrible. This worries me. Something has to be dreadfully wrong with me if I'm not drinking coffee. On the other hand, my half and half consumption has gone from one quart a week to zero. I'm waiting for the pounds to start dropping off. And waiting. And waiting.
I need to start my Christmas shopping. Normally its all done by now, I seem to lack a sense of urgency this year. I haven't had or planned any parties either, very odd. I think watching my nephews, despite how much I enjoy doing so, has sucked out my life force. Jessica, have your children when you are young.

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