Monday, November 15, 2004

What Happened To Monday?

The day went nothing as I had planned. I woke up and started laundry and noticed what a mess the garage was and how my closet was exploding into my bedroom, so I started putting things in rubbermaid bins to yard sale. Some stuff was put in another bin to Ebay, (I even listed 2 things tonight.) Then Meg and I went for a walk and stopped in to see Renee and ended up going to Target with her and the girls for several hours. I then came home and wandered room to to putting things in bins, continued with the laundry and started cooking dinner......and realised I never worked out to day...4th day in a row. I didn't get to take my shower until after dinner, and I only did that because remembered Keith was coming over tonight.
Yes, it was an "A.D.D." day.

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