Monday, November 01, 2004

Weekend Update.

Its really hard to blog with kids here. First is the time issue and secondly most of my day is filled with the funny things Sam says and does; that might not be funny to anyone else. For example, Saturday Sam walked naked to the neighors house, (where his daddy was,) holding a shirt on a hanger, that he wanted to wear.Greg said, "Sam, what goes with that?" "My penis." replied Sam. Not quite the answer Greg was looking for.
Yesterday morning Melissa and the boys came over after church so I could highlight her hair and give Sam a haircut. Sam was good and held very still while I cut off his curls. Melissa sat very still too:) Greg came over around dinner time so we all eat together while Sam screamed, cried and whined in my bedroom. He refuses to nap so by 6pm he is a basket case.

Megan cleaning the pumpkin. She refuses to carve it , or watch me carve it because she is afraid of knife injuries.

Sweet little Gregory.

Ellie eating s'mores on my counter.

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