Monday, November 29, 2004


Yesterday Megan and I went to the dollar tree to buy a wreath hanger for over the door. What we also bought were 380 glow add to the 300 I already have at home. They were only $1 for 18, a real deal. And we need them. Really. Every child who visits me knows I have a stash of glow sticks to play with, so I can't ever run out. I have a reputation to uphold.
We are watching Sam and Gregory today. 2 sick boys....its so sad when they don't know how to blow their nose. Messy too. There is a reason I have slipcovers over all my furniture. And then there is my sick daughter Jessica who needs to see the doctor because I think she has mono and is now sharing it with those she loves. Jessica, go to the doctor. Mommy says so.
Because Sam has been sick we have let him watch alot of tv. Noggin in particular. This is real treat because there is no tv at his house. I think Melissa, Sams mom may know I'm letting him watch it since Sam's new catch phrase is, "Coming up next."

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