Monday, November 22, 2004

Happy Weekend.

Jessica was here for the whole weekend! Its always so much fun having both she and Megan here. Saturday Jess and I went out for bagels and coffee, hitting a few garage saleson our way home. Imagine my surprise when we pulled in the driveway and I saw that Brewier was tearing out all our landscaping. This was a good thing. I had mentioned that morning how I would like that done, so we could prep and paint the house. Ta Da. Its done. Sunday we had our family Thanksgiving. Everyone but Roger's family was here. Everything was delicious, and by 4pm almost everyone was napping. After everyone left, Jess Meg and I watched the Northern Exposure DVD Brewier surprised me with last week.
Now I don't know if this will sound as funny on my blog as it did in person, but here goes. Jess, Meg and I were sitting on the sofa watching tv, when Brewier comes in after taking all the trash to the curb. He asks me why I am throwing away 2 pillows that had been in the weight room. I said," They've been peed on. Willow was drinking out of the toilet and Megan really needed to use the bathroom so she just peed on the pillows." Megan quipped, "Yeah, thry're really absorbant." Silence,
Then Brewier tentatively says, "You're joking. Right?" I laughed till I cried.

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