Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Feeling Sorry For Myself.

This past Saturday was my grandfathers 90th birthday party, in PA. All my family living in Fl went...in fact everyone was there except me. I haven't seen my realitives in many many years, and to have them all together in one place was a once in a lifetime thing. I feel overwhelmingly sad and have such a feeling of loss. I get so frustrated with the limitations of MCS. I want a normal life.
I did have a good weekend though. Jessica was here for 4 days. We didn't do any of the stuff we planned on doing, but we had fun just being together. Yesterday morning we,
(Jessica, Megan and I,) sat in my bed drinking coffee and watching the morning news like we used to before Jess got married. Stuff like that really makes me happy. We had the Nix's over for dinner Saturday, along with Ray and his mom, Trish. Since Trish is Jessicas mother in law, and a very nice woman, I try to find things in common other than our name, (we are both Patricia Lynne,) and the fact our children are married. There is nothing. NOTHING we have in common. We are opposite in every way. Movies, hobbies, intrests, views....we can find no common ground. I thought I'd try music because I knew Trish liked country. I put 3 of my Willie Nelson cd's in the stero and had them playing through out dinner. I love Willie Nelson and as we were finishing dinner Ray asked me about the music. "Its Willie Nelson," I replied. "I love his music." Trish then comments," I like country music, but Willie Nelson I don't like at all."

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