Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Sometime over the summer, Brewier aquired a one million dollar bill, it looks very real except it says 1000000 on it. I have had it on my kitchen counter for sometime now, not quite sure of what to do with it or where to keep it. Everyone who visits notices and comments on it.
My friend Renee and her girls, Sara, Olivia and Eva are regular visitors to my house, and they were over this morning for coffee. Renee,once again noticed the bill and shared with me that after their last visit, Olivia, 10, came up to her and said, "The Welch's must be really, rich. I saw money on the kitchen counter and it was big!" Renee did not tell her different. This would explain the looks Olivia kept giving her mother as Megan showed everyone her new and expensive ibook computer, that as Oliva exclaimed, "She paid for herself!"

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