Friday, October 15, 2004

No Time To Blog!

I watched Gregory and Sam 4 days this week. It reminds me of when Jessica and Megan were little and I would be so busy with them that I never had time to wash my face, let alone shower in the morning. Thats kind of been my week. I also had Jake spend the night on Wednesday, so he and Sam were able to spend time together. Jessica is coming to vist this afternoon, so I'm thinking I will wait until after she leaves to vacuum and mop. You understand don't you Jess?
I was lying in bed this morning watching tv sideways, and the headline said there was a FAT AL CRASH! I'm thinking what? Fat Al? I don't understand. Then I realised it was a fatal crash. It was really early and my head was sideways.
Meg and I drove to the outlet mall because the Birkenstock store was having a tent sale. Yes they were. 20,000 pairs of shoes in 3 ugly styles. Pretty disappointing. We did buy a fondue pot though. It will go well with my smores maker.

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