Sunday, October 03, 2004


Greg is my youngest brother, (out of three and by 8 years,) Sam and Gregory are his sons. Last Monday after watching the boys for 12 hours with no electricity, Greg calls to let me know he will be picking the kids up in an hour, and he will be bringing us dinner....fillet mignon, so light up the grill. Now the weird thing about the hurricanes and lack of power is, I crave steak. I'm not a big meat eater, so its kind of strange, and I was really looking forward to dinner. As I got the boys packed up to go, sweat dripping off me, I thought, "I should call Greg and see if he would bring me a beer with dinner." As I picked up the phone to call I heard his truck pull up in the driveway. Greg came in carting a cooler with food, a propane stove, and a cooler with boiling hot new potatoes. I started telling Greg how I was just about to call him for beer, when he reaches into one of the coolers and pulls out not one , but two, icy cold bottles of Dos Equis. Does my brother know me?! That was one of the best meals ever and exactlly what I was craving. Thanks, Greg, I love you!

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