Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Coffee Lover.

I think my love of coffee is genetic. I have enjoyed it since I was small, sneaking sips from my fathers cup. When I was 11 or 12, I was allowed to have my own cup of coffee on Sundays. Megan was the same, sneaking sips of coffee from my cup, until at two she told me she wanted her own cup. Yes, I gave it to her and despite the old wives tale of it stunting her growth, she is just fine, at 5'9". This same gene has been passed on to Sam, as I have already written about how he loves to eat coffee beans. Now when he arrives at my door in the morning he sits on the sofa and asks for his cup of coffee. We watch Noggin and have our coffee together. Yesterday he was sittting on the counter when I was making espresso. He wanted to help, so I was letting him put the coffee in the filter, with just as much ending up on the counter.If he wasn't 2 I would think he had planned it that way, because he started eating up all the spilled coffee, then licking it out of my coffee scoop with a happy,"Mmmmmmm!"

It may look like dirt, but its not.

Greg and Gregory.

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