Saturday, September 11, 2004

What Is That Smell?

Ella, Megans new kitty has decided my closet is a much nicer place to pee and poop than her litter box in the garage. Have you ever tried to get cat pee out of the cracks in a hard wood floor? Meg found a product called Natures Miracle on the web, so we went to Petsmart and got some. I hope it works as well as the testimanials say it does. In the mean time I'm running my ionizer full blast.
Brewiers boss was here to see him Friday, to congratulate him on a job well done during the hurricane, and give him a raise. I was pretty happy, Brewier really deserved it. Its good to know you're appreciated.
Today flew by. We met Henery and Darla for breakfast, then drove to Clermont to have lunch at the Tiki Bar with Mom and Dick, whom she kept refering to as "one eyed Dick." He has vision problems .....but I kept telling her, "Mom, think about what you are saying!" She kept me laughing, especally when she spotted Dick walking through the restraunt, and loudly told us, "Here comes one eyed Dick." Yeah Mom, you really did say that.
Brewier and I watched a movie tonight called "Happy Accidents," a romantic comendy, kind of, with a twist, I had never heard of it, but we really enjoyed the story, and I would recommend watching it.

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