Thursday, September 30, 2004

I've Got The Power!

Last night we bought a generator. This afternoon our power was restored. Yes, we knew this would probably happen, but I am so happy to be the proud owner of a 5000 watt generator,

especially since I have been told hurricane season is now expected to last through December...and oh yeah, this is a 15 year pattern. People have actually started moving out of state.
Megan and I decided today would be our day of fun. After dropping Brewier off at the airport we went to Starbucks , then to Little Siagon, which we ate at Lake Eola. We shopped for several hours, then went to the art museum, its free after 2pm on Thursdays. We worked up quite an appetite walking around the museum so we drove to Winter Park Village and got take out at the Cheesecake Factory and ate it outside Crispers. We came home to power and watched a movie!!! We also swam at Renees. So, yes it has been a fun day.

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