Thursday, September 09, 2004


The Natonal Hurricane Center predicts Ivan to move through Florida, and are telling us not to take down the boards that cover our windows, and to be prepared in case we are hit again. It seems like life is centered around hurricanes and the recovery from them and I'm weary of it. I want to start listing on ebay again, pullout my jewelery making stuff, set up the easel....get on with life.
Our power was restored to us last night and I'm so thankful. Its scary how dependent we are on electricity.
Yesterday was my first day to watch Sam and Gregory while Melissa returned to work. Sam and his vocabulary are grwoing so fast! I was drinking a cup of coffee from Mc Donalds, and Sam asked, "Barneys coffee?" (thats where his mother gets her coffee.) I said "No, its Mcdonalds coffee." He looks at the cup and says, "Farmer coffee." Puzzeled I reply, "No its from Mcdonalds."Sam looks at me and states, "Farmer coffee." Then it hits me, Old Mcdnald had a farm. Yes, it is farmer coffee.

Megan sitting under a neighbors tree, after the first squall blew through.

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